Thursday, August 24, 2017

Arts and Craft show

Signed up to show and sell 
Lazy Susans, Coat hangers, key hangers, and fun Greeting cards.
Not to forget a perpetual calendar.

I'll have about 20 Lazy Susans by the time I go to the art show.
All look a little different, since they have been hand painted.
It's also very difficult for me to paint the same thing exactly the same way twice.
I have 9 different basic designs, and  color changes can give the artwork a totally different feel.

I will also be selling smaller and bigger fun and colorful coat hangers, designed and painted by me.
Some are still in the make.

I also illustrated about 99 lifetime stories,
Those illustrations were sized down to fit a 5x7 ( blank inside) Greeting card.
They are really fun, almost all people looking at my cards leave with a card and most importantly, with a smile.

Since Christmas is coming, I'll bring Thanks giving and fun Christmas cards.
They are un-traditional as you know it.

As soon as I know if I got into the Arts and Craft shows, I will publish Place and time.
Thank you so much.

Hilde's Whimsical Art

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

2 Very popular Susans

Hang your coat, or hang your keys

Works in progress...

 All Lazy Susans, and wood art, are unique art pieces, hand drawn and painted.
Finishing touch is a 5 layer coat of water based varnish.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017